Ajans medya is a media company that present services such as advertising, publishing, content providing, digital marketing and design.
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At its heart, ‘Journey’ is a series of inspiring and in-depth interviews with remarkable people. It is about businesspeople, artists, authors, thinkers, directors, restaurateurs, philanthropists, leaders and entrepreneurs and about finding out what it is that has brought them to eminence in their respective fields. These don’t have a new book to promote or a business to sell: instead, they have been given time to think deeply about their lives, their beliefs and what they truly care about. The answers are thought provoking, insightful, sometimes funny, often moving – and take us deep into the lives of a group of extraordinary people. Still in its development phase Ajans Medya and its affiliate CCC created this on-line platform to include extracts, images and video on every social media platform, a full-colour, large-format book of interviews, a series of exhibitions, held in prestigious venues in some of the world’s leading cities, conferences, workshops, mentorship programmes focusing on the theme of empowerment and awards (with yearly awards ceremonies) and grants.